im体育APP offers one of the broadest and most reliable ranges of traceable and accredited calibration services in Europe. We exist to help make certain that our customers’ measuring operations are quality compliant by using thoroughly calibrated equipment.

We offer a single point of contact for all instrument calibration and administration needs with the aim to maximize instrument access and production uptime. Our calibration capabilities cover electrical instruments, dimensional measuring tools, gauges and transducers in a wide range of disciplines, serving customers in many different sectors.

校准 management software

, is our user friendly online tool to help you keep track of calibration status, instrument history and calibration certificates. Secure, ISO/IEC 17025 compliant and audit-ready. 通过 you can also book and order calibration.

Measuring assignments

We offer provision of accurate measurement data by measuring of fixtures, reference samples and first article inspections for production control and validation by coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and optical measuring equipment.

Metrological expertise

Our Engaged Experts deliver consultancy services ranging from technical evaluations, uncertainty calculations, requirement specifcations and measuring instructions, to on-site calibrations and instrument stock administration.


Electrical Instruments 校准

im体育APP offers calibration of electrical instruments measuring DC/LF, RF/microwave and time/frequency. We calibrate everything from handheld multimeters to more advanced equipment such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. 

校准 of dimensional measurand (length)

校准 of Dimensional Measuring Equipment

im体育APP offers calibration of length measuring equipment such as tape measures, calipers and micrometers, gauge blocks and measuring machines. Dimensional calibrations also cover thread gauges and angular sensors. 


校准 of Gauges and Transducers

Our gauge calibration services cover a wide range of disciplines, including torque, 力, 压力, 流, mass/weight and acceleration. Typical tools and gauges we calibrate are torque wrenches, load cells, 压力 gauges, weight sets, scales, 流 meters and accelerometers.


Thermometer and Hygrometer 校准

Within temperature and humidity im体育APP offers calibration of a large variety of thermometers, hygrometers and data loggers as well as heating chambers, climate chambers and dry rooms. As humidity meters often come with an integrated temperature gauge, we recommend that both the temperature and humidity parts are calibrated at the same time.


Optical 校准

We calibrate instruments that measure optical signals, such as light sources, power meters and OTDR in visual and infrared wavelengths. One of our specialties is service of fiber fusion splicing machines, leading to improved joint values and reliability.


Acoustic 校准

One of our laboratories specializes in calibration of acoustic equipment, such as sound level meter, 麦克风, sound calibrator, 活塞话筒, 放大器, 倍频程滤波器, reference sound source and more. Regular calibration of acoustic measuring equipment is important to guarantee reliable and traceable readings. This applies to both analogue and digital instruments.


Pipette 校准

校准 is the only way to ensure that the pipette does not fall outside its tolerance limits. We offer service and accredited calibration of all types of single and multichannel pipettes in the range 0.1 µl to 50,000 µl. 校准 is performed to ISO 8655 guidelines with reference equipment traceable to national and international normals.

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